Who Cares About Jobs?

Utah cares about Jobs!  Our economic success under President Donald J. Trump is record breaking.  So, if you’re wondering why Democrats are working so hard to nullify an election and the presidency of Donald Trump, his 2016 “Pennsylvania Jobs Speech” is Exhibit 1A. The speech was President Trump’s blueprint for economic prosperity, a step-by-step map of how he planned to perform one of the greatest economic turnarounds in our history.

Unlike so many politicians of all stripes who came before him, President Trump has done what he said he would do. The speech includes the “Seven Promises” for economic renewal and details on Trump’s “Four Points of the Economic Compass.” I promise it is worth the time to read or view.

If you are feeling weary over the endless squabbling and wasted months of the Democrats’ impeachment circus, you owe it to yourself to either read the transcript or watch the full video of that momentous speech here. It will renew your faith in this president and amaze you at how much of what he promised and predicted has come to be. It is inspiring.



It also makes clear what the stakes are here in Utah’s 4th Congressional District, one of 31 in the “Democrat Hall of Shame”—those districts that Trump won, but that were lulled into voting for sweet-talking “moderate” Democrats who have proven themselves to be anything but. It is those 31 districts that put Nancy Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair and greased the skids for impeachment, spinning this nation into needless turmoil.

At times like these, we need to remind ourselves what it is we are working and striving for: a better tomorrow for our kids, our families, our state, and our nation.  If you care about jobs too please take a moment to signup for our latest updates, and please use the buttons below to share this message on your social media.



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