What Can America Do? We Can Start With This...

I have been fighting for our 1st Amendment rights in our legislature the past 6 years. I have denounced the human rights atrocity of forced live organ harvesting of religious detainees in China. What can America do? We can start with this...


· President Trump is taking action to ensure that American foreign policy prioritizes religious freedom.

· President Trump is ensuring the advancement of religious liberty is a core tenet of American diplomacy.

· President Trump has signed an executive order to prioritize religious freedom, further solidifying it as a foundational principle of American foreign policy.

· President Trump is directing U.S. Ambassadors and Foreign Service Officers to promote, defend, and support religious freedom.

· Under the order, the United States will prioritize religious freedom in our foreign aid programs and use other economic tools to help advance these goals.

· At President Trump’s direction, the State Department will coordinate with USAID to ensure at least $50 million per year is allocated for programs that advance international religious freedom.

President Trump has long stood as an ally for religious freedom in America and around the world.

· During last year’s meeting of the United Nation’s General Assembly, President Trump hosted a Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom.

· The Trump Administration has partnered with organizations around the world to provide assistance to persecuted religious minorities.

· The Administration has hosted multiple Religious Freedom Ministerials, during which more than governments and religious leaders from around the world and committed to fight religious persecution.

· During his first year in office, President Trump signed an Executive Order to uphold religious liberty and the right to engage in religious speech.

· The President signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative, supporting our nation’s faith-based organizations.

For more about my thoughts on our First Amendment rights, read my post here. For more about my support for President Trump, read this post here. 

 -- Kim Coleman


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