Voters unhappy with Ben McAdams

Today, a Utah Policy/KUTV poll confirms what we’ve known all along: voters in Utah’s 4th Congressional District disapprove of the job Ben McAdams is doing in Congress.

As we’ve spoken with hundreds of voters in groups small and large, they’ve all told us long before any poll that Utahns reject the Democrats’ blatantly partisan impeachment sham and McAdams’s choice to go along with it rather than to do the right thing. His approval rating has dropped 11 points in just a couple months!

When McAdams is in Utah, he talks the talk that he represents our values, but in Washington he walks whatever walk Nancy Pelosi tells him to. And this November, Utahns will hand him his walking papers.

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    • Kenneth Stout
      commented 2020-02-19 16:51:29 -0700
      ben mcadams public forum, feb. 20, to discuss reducing drug prices. read minority objections @ bottom of bill HR3 pg. 356.
    • Kenneth Stout
      commented 2020-02-19 16:34:26 -0700
      ben mcadams commercials show he supports HR3, according to the minority objections, bill drafted behind closed doors, no bipartisan input, a socialist drug plan, putting government in control of drug prices, no drug plans, no step programs, no prior authorizations. If a new drug for Alzemiers comes out the government gets to decide if you get it. No working with Doctor/Insurance to get it, the government decides. Commercial blames Mitch McConnel for holding up this bill. That’s a lie. I have talked to his office, they say he didn’t vote 4 HR3. Check out the list of yeas/nays, Ben McAdams voted yea. His office lied.