Utah Will Never Defund the Police

We live in an era where self-proclaimed sane, rational adults are advocating the elimination of police departments. This is one of many times when I am thankful to live in Utah. I feel pretty safe stating for the record that Utah will not be eliminating police, nor will it allow even leftist bastions like Salt Lake City to do so, anytime soon. So we are pretty safe from this particular mania.

But what should congress do about it, defunding police? I’m a big believer that state and local law enforcement are state and local matters. The Feds should mostly stay out of it. So it is possible the same Blue states and Blue cities that have driven their fiefdoms into fiscal insolvency with lavish spending and generous welfare schemes will add to their citizens’ misery by eliminating or defunding police.

So what should Congress do? I can tell you what Congress should NOT do, what I will NEVER vote to do, is to spend a penny or lift a finger to bail out the “progressive” governments who buy into this latest idiocy. They are on their own. Just as we will NOT bail them out on their decades-long vote-buying grift with the public employee unions and their pension funds.

What happened to George Floyd is horrible. There is no excuse, and those guilty of crimes associated with his death must be, are being, and will be punished. But those officers are very rare exception, not representative of the thousands of men and women who wear the uniform and the badge and go to work every day to protect and serve.

So I’m glad to be from Utah, where the police are respected, appreciated and supported universally. Despite what a few Blue State extremists and the leftist media preach, the majority of Americans feel the same way.

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    • 🅒ᴏɴᴏʀ
      commented 2020-06-11 02:12:24 -0600
      “ Significant and seemingly impossible social and political change happens more often than we think, and it happens more rapidly than we realize. Even the most momentous change is always possible if one finds the right way to make it happen.” —Glenn Greenwald


    • @kimfcoleman tweeted this page. 2020-06-11 01:23:12 -0600
    • Bill Whitchers
      commented 2020-06-10 23:38:49 -0600
      Kim. Yikes.

      Police shouldn’t deal with those experiencing homelessness or people having mental breakdowns. That’s not what a police force should do. Rather than defund the police, why don’t we reallocate some of the budge to make sure that there are body cameras on every uniformed police officer? And that they’re working properly? It’s expensive but you cannot put a price on transparency. I’d appreciate a more nuanced view during what many people are seeing as heightened tensions not just between races but between the public & the communities that they rely on for protection & support. Your post has a lot of divisive talk, which I would boil down to “utah good, dems bad.”

      Is this where we’re at in politics now?