Upgrade your congressman by switching to Kim Coleman

Tired of the broken promises from Ben McAdams? When McAdams first ran for Congress in 2018, he said he would distance himself from the far-left members of the Democrat Party and truly represent us. Unfortunately, he has repeatedly broken that promise as he has voted in near lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and the most radical wing of his party. Let's upgrade to someone better!

As a state legislator for six years, I have amassed one of the most reliably conservative records in Utah. My legislative voting record has resulted in me receiving several awards, including the Defender of Liberty Award, the Friend of the Taxpayer Award, and the Champion of Economic Prosperity Award. I am endorsed by many conservative organizations, including the House Freedom Caucus and FreedomWorks. Last December, I took a stand in voting against the highly controversial proposal to increase Utah’s grocery and gas taxes. Over the years, I have sponsored many bills to remove barriers to work by reducing occupational licensing requirements and removing regulations that impede innovation and business success.

My core values include defending the right to life and defending our Second Amendment rights. In recent legislative sessions, I have been a leader in writing legislation aimed at protecting free speech rights on college campuses, for which I have been attacked by leftist organizations. I will always fight to control spending and keep taxes low, fair, and transparent. I support President Trump’s America First Agenda and his efforts to remove burdensome and unnecessary regulations.

Please stand with me, and together we will fight to keep America free, prosperous, strong, and secure.

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