President Trump's Campaign Urges CD4 to Support Kim Coleman for National Delegate

In a letter to Utah delegates, President Donald J. Trump's campaign recognized Kim Coleman as a patriot and an outspoken supporter of the President. Kim is among a select list of Utahns recommended by the Trump Pence Campaign to represent our state as national delegates.




Nicholas Trainer, National Director of Delegates and Party Organization, states "we have no doubt that they will represent both the President and the great state of Utah with integrity and honor".

Kim Coleman responded by expressing her gratitude to the President's campaign, saying that:

President Donald Trump built the greatest economy we've seen in our lifetime prior to the coronavirus outbreak.  There is no one better to lead our way back from this pandemic. It is now absolutely crucial that we send effective and principled conservatives to Washington to jumpstart the recovery. I'm very grateful to be recognized by President Trump's team, and I'll be the first one to have his back at the National Convention." - Kim Coleman


Kim Coleman is a Utah State Representative from West Jordan, and is running for United States Congress in Utah's Fourth Congressional District.  The Utah Republican Party convention opens today. Republican State Delegates from across the district will vote for their choice to earn the Republican Party nomination. 

For more about Kim Coleman, please visit If you are a State Delegate, please drop by our virtual campaign booth on Facebook.  To read the full text of the Trump Pence campaign's letter to delegates, please click below. Please note this is in no way an endorsement of Kim for Utah.







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