Coleman Campaign Exceeds Quarterly Goal In Just Five Weeks

  Casey Voeks


WEST JORDAN - October 1, 2019 --  The Kim for Utah (Rep. Kim Coleman) campaign announced today that it had exceeded its $100,000 quarterly fundraising goal even though it only had seven weeks to do so, instead of the full three months. One hundred percent of funds raised are for the convention & primary election in early 2020.

While the campaign has not yet totaled up all of the contributions for the quarter, Coleman’s FEC quarterly report will show she raised at least $110,000.  Even better, none of the money raised is restricted to the general election, meaning it can all be spent on the convention and primary election.

“We are excited by the level of support we’ve received.  Every one of these dollars came by hard ‘pick and shovel’ work, and the amazing number of smaller contributions we’ve received from inside the district is a reflection of the grassroots support we’ve been assembling.” said Coleman, adding “Donors, large and small, have responded to our vision for how to return Utah 4 to Republican hands, defeating a Democratic majority that has gone completely off the rails. The Democrats in Congress lied to win the majority and the American people are seeing that on live television every single day.  Meanwhile, health care, drug prices, the border crisis, infrastructure and dozens of other Democrat promises in 2018 remain completely unaddressed. That’s why we are having this level of success."

In addition to the fundraising numbers, the Fourth Congressional District campaign touted its success in attracting grassroots support from inside the district, where Coleman has a long history of advocacy and political activism.

“In the long run, the hundreds of people who signed up to be involved in our campaign as volunteers are just as important as the money we can raise. I have friends and advisors who say they have never seen anything like it at this stage of a campaign, and we haven’t even made a formal announcement. We accomplished this financial goal without having the resources to pay for advertising or big money fundraisers. Practically every dollar we’ve raised has come as a result of a one-on-one conversation and shows the commitment of our volunteers. This campaign is of, for and by the People of the 4th District. I live here, I work here, and I’ve raised a family here. People know that and it has been a huge part of this success."

The Coleman campaign says this accomplishment is all the more remarkable for the fact that several Republican candidates have either announced or filed to compete for the GOP nomination in the 4th CD.  “We feel great about this milestone, along with several others that don’t get reported, like volunteer strength. This shows we are on our way!” Coleman added.

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