The Recipe for Economic Success

America was founded on free market principles. I believe that markets work best when free from overregulation, crony capitalism, regulatory capture, and excessive barriers to entry and exchange. We know that capitalism has done more to lift people out of poverty than any other economic system.

As a legislator, I have sponsored bills to remove barriers to work by reducing occupational and professional licensing requirements and removing regulations that impede innovation and business success. In 2018, I was finally able to get Utah auto dealers and legislators to agree to a compromise that allows Tesla sell their new cars directly to consumers. This is important not just for economic development and innovation, but also for efforts to improve air quality along the Wasatch Front. As I said at the time, "We have some companies right now that are innovative and that we would like to have as part of Utah's business portfolio. We want to welcome these manufacturers to our state." Also, this year, 2020, I've sponsored legislation to allow for consumers to purchase raw cream and butter. Utah allows the sell of raw milk, but consumers currently cannot purchase cream and butter, despite the fact these products have not been linked to food borne illness. There is a market for this, and government has stood in the way for too long. These bills join my additional efforts to remove barriers to work and markets.

Kim inspecting a Tesla Model S.

Photo Credit: Francisco Kjolseth and the Salt Lake Tribune.


The nation would similarly benefit from tax policy that is fair, transparent, and offers a low tax rate on a broad base. Because it didn't fit into those principles, last December I voted against the so-called "tax reform" package, which was then repealed by the state legislature last month following a successful referendum campaign. I will always fight hard to support policies that allow taxpayers to keep more money in their pockets and enjoy America’s economic prosperity.

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