Second Amendment Rights

“The First Amendment is first for a reason. Second Amendment is just in case the first one doesn't work out.”

Dave Chapelle

Second AmendmentSomething important to remember with the Second Amendment, is it wasn’t written by men who had just come back from a hunting trip. It was written my who had just won a war to preserve their freedom from a distant, heartless tyrant.

As such, I reject the notion that the Second Amendment is outdated. Indeed, every tyrant who seizes power first strips his citizenry of the right to defend themselves. Citizens of the United States have long enjoyed the protections of the Second Amendment.

I am a strong and outspoken proponent of the right to bear arms. I support Constitutional Carry and I oppose a registry for lawful possession of firearms. As a state legislator, I have a 100% pro-Second Amendment voting record and will oppose Red Flag laws that can be abused to infringe upon the rights of law-abiding Americans. Even in red Utah, the price of freedom in this matter is eternal vigilance.

As a member of Congress, I look forward to maintaining this record. Several points where I look forward to protecting our liberties are:
Private gun sales: Under current federal law, retail sales of firearms require a background check, while transfers between law-abiding private parties do not. Gun control advocates want to change this to mandate checks every time a firearm changes hands, even between friends and relatives. Such a law could lead to jail time for a father who loans a gun to his son on a hunting trip.

“Sporting purposes” test: The Supreme Court, time and again, has correctly ruled that the core principle of the Second Amendment is the right to self-defense. Despite this, gun-control advocates want to mandate a “sporting purposes” test to determine the legality of firearms and ammunition.

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