Rep. Kim Coleman Gets 100% From Pro-Life Utah

Pro-Life Utah yesterday released its 2020 score card, and Rep. Kim Coleman received a 100 percent.

Pro-Life Utah’s score card creates a composite score based on a legislators’ votes on pro-life bills that promote the value of unborn human life (or lead to fewer abortions) plus votes on pro-abortion bills that would devalue life (or lead to more abortions).

Rep. Coleman said:

I am honored to receive a perfect score from Pro-Life Utah. As a mother, educator, and lawmaker, I have always been a vocal advocate for the most vulnerable. During my time in the state legislature I have been an outspoken, courageous voice for unborn babies and their mothers. As a member of Congress, I will hit the ground running and stand up to the radical, for-profit abortion lobby in Washington."

Pro-Life Utah was founded upon the idea that people from different faiths and backgrounds can work together to secure and defend the fundamental right to life for society's most vulnerable members, unborn babies. The group also works to provide women with the resources necessary to choose life or to provide healing and support for those emotionally wounded by abortion.

The only candidate in the current Republican primary for Utah’s 4th Congressional District to have served in the Utah Legislature, Rep. Coleman is the only one to have received this score from Pro-Life Utah. She is also the only candidate in the primary to have received an endorsement from the Susan B. Anthony List, one of the largest national pro-life groups.

In Congress Kim plans to join Sen. Ben Sasse to help pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which requires survivors of abortion to be treated with the same level of medical care expected for any other baby at the same gestational age. Learn more about Rep. Coleman’s record on defending the rights of the unborn here.

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Follow Coleman on TwitterInstagram, and FacebookVolunteer and, if possible, donate, to help send Kim to Congress. And if you live in Utah’s 4th Congressional District, vote for her this June!

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