Our America


It has been said that America is the best idea anyone ever came up with. I can’t agree with that enough! In the last 200 years, America came up with electricity, the automobile, the television, rock and roll, the Internet, and so much more. Imagine what America can accomplish in the next 200 years.

But history is no guarantee of the future. And as a member of Congress, my #1 priority will be keeping our America #1.

Our America

Vigilance is the price we must continually pay, because the modern world is a dangerous place, and the United States cannot afford to squander or misuse its strength.

The future is too uncertain to trust to weak leadership as the Obama years showed us. We need President Trump in the White House. As COVID-19 has proven to us once and for all, the Chinese Community Party cannot be trusted. The President was right all along to want to bring American businesses home from China.

To deal with a threat this hostile demands the full backing of the American people and Congress. We must rally around President Trump. He must win re-election, enjoy the support of a Republican House, and continue the fight to drain the Washington swamp.

I will go to Washington and support the President in his fight to secure our borders, grow our economy, modernize our military against the threats of the 21st Century, drain the DC swamp,  and support law and order for all Americans. I will fight for a justice system that punishes the guilty while protecting the innocent. Rioting and destroying innocent people’s communities only furthers injustice.

Our America is not currently being represented in Washington the way it must be. Ben McAdams insists that he’s a moderate – but the company he keeps and his voting record say otherwise.

So I ask for your vote in the June 30th Republican primary. And even in these difficult times I likewise ask for your financial support. Every dollar contributed goes directly to message and voter contact. Please help me protect our America from the all-out assault by the media and the Democrat Party of Ben McAdams. Utah’s 4th Congressional District is the most conservative one in America currently represented by a Democrat – let’s take it back.  

- Kim Coleman

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Follow Coleman on TwitterInstagram, and FacebookVolunteer and, if possible, donate, to help send Kim to Congress – and if you live in Utah’s 4th, vote for her before June 30th!

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