Note From a Supporter: “Kim, You Are That Person.”

The support poured out for Kim Coleman’s Congressional bid has been overwhelming and humbling. One note Kim received from a supporter was so meaningful that – with their permission – Kim wanted to share it. West Jordan’s David Lott wrote her the following:

David Lott

Hi Kim,

I am going to send you some money. $100 will be from me, but the other $40 is from someone else. Let me tell you that story.

I was out collecting signatures [for a governor candidate] when I had a little old lady (about 90) tell me she couldn’t sign but to wait at the door for a minute. She came out with two $20 bills and told me to donate them to someone I thought was worthy of it. Her name is Georgene Smith. She lives in West Jordan. That was at least 3 months ago. I put the money in my dresser waiting to find that person she would be proud I donated the money to. Kim, you are that person. Honestly, she made me cry because of her trust in me to do the right thing, and her deepest desire to elect good, true, Republican conservatives to office.

I’ll do most anything to help (I won’t assassinate anyone!).


Kim is so grateful to everyone who has pitched in to send her to Congress, where she will defend our home, our values, and our America. She’d love to have you join her team to volunteer or contribute. And please, don't assassinate anyone! 

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