My Responses to Mike Lee's Candidate Questionnaire

Recently, our good senior Senator – Mike Lee – put out a questionnaire to Republican candidates here in the great state of Utah. The questionnaire is intended as a way for all the candidates as a statement of purpose, as to how they “will work tirelessly to restore, preserve, and protect the principles that have made our party—and indeed our republic—great.”  

Inspired by this great idea, I present my answers to those of Sen. Lee’s questions which are appropriate for the office I am seeking: the US House of Representatives.

Would you support legislation repealing SB 54, recognizing the right of political parties to determine the means by which they select and nominate candidates?

As a state legislator, I have been uniformly opposed to SB 54. I’ve always been a strong defender of grassroots activism, getting people involved at the neighborhood level, while others buy ads and pay lip service. So, it should be no surprise to you that I am one of only two candidates in our race who filed for "convention only." I love this process, and I’ve been in your seat as a delegate and as a precinct chair. If we are to protect our convention system and the power of the grassroots, we need to stand up to those trying to circumvent it.

The federal government owns roughly 2/3 of the land in Utah.   How much of Utah should the federal government own, and what changes to state and federal law would you support in this area?

Almost 70% of our land is federally controlled. This limits the ability of the state to generate revenue. It also creates extreme fire risk, disrupts natural water cycles in an already arid state, and contributes to poor air quality days.

I have supported efforts to transfer some of these public lands to the state. More recently, I have voted to support efforts to ensure the federal government accurately valuates and appropriates "payment in lieu of taxes (pilt)" the school children of Utah are entitled to. As a Congresswoman, I would work to ensure Utah is treated fairly for the federal government holding these lands.

Some policy makers are seeking “tax reform” to capture new revenues. Recent tax proposals have been a threat to a stable economy and would impose a net increase in taxes on most people.

Parts of the state are experiencing high growth and growth projections, and there are many who are in a crisis-mode to build unsustainable, community destroying, high government investment housing and infrastructure, ignoring history and common sense. Efforts to socially engineer people and manipulate markets in the name of helping people simply do not work. To fix some of these issues we must allow more federal land to be divested to the state.

What is the purpose of government?
Government serves the People, not the other way around. The Constitution was created to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity." The Federal government is constrained by the Constitution to within few enumerated powers. I take a conservative approach to the relationship of the government with its people. 

The “administrative state” has grown beyond anything imagined by our Founders, and Congress has abdicated too much of its legislative function to the executive branch. All government should be as small and least intrusive in our lives as possible with the federal government being limited to its constitutionally enumerated powers. States should jealously safeguard their sovereignty.

Setting aside specific constitutional prohibitions, what are five things that no government, state or federal, should ever do?

1. Infringe on personal freedom

2. Deny due process of law to citizens

3. Impose taxes without true and adequate representation

4. Constrain free markets through crony capitalism, protectionism, and regulatory capture

5. Enrich, privilege or specially benefit its members, employed or elected

6. Mislead or cheat the People

Despite the fact that our most sacred rights are enshrined in the First Amendment, far-left members of the Democrat Party and their allied institutions are seeking to undermine those rights. Therefore, I must reiterate truths that have been self-evident since the Enlightenment: no government should encroach on the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom of the press, the freedom of association, or the right to redress the government.  

As a state legislator, I have worked to combat the denial of student speech and due process rights on college campuses. I have advocated for legislation and litigation to protect our freedom of association, and strengthen religious liberty. The erosion of our First Amendment rights can have far reaching, generational impacts for our whole society.

During the recent COVID pandemic, we have observed egregious government infringement on personal liberties. Many are asking if the government can do what it's done. For many, this is the first time they are asking this question. For me, this is an everyday question. 

Should any person in Utah be denied equal protection under the law, based solely on whether the person in question has been born?


Furthermore, I support requirements for practitioners to give women full information before providing any type of medical procedure. I support humane and appropriate care of an infant who survives an abortion. I support pain management for a fetus who can feel pain. I supported legislation prohibiting abortion after 18 weeks, with limited exceptions. I oppose medical practitioners performing procedures on children without parental knowledge or consent.

Please identify ways in which governments pick “winners and losers” in the economy, indicating whether you support or oppose each approach.

I have observed the tendency of government divisions to quickly move to regulatory capture, which benefits early entrants into markets and shutting out competitors. Governmental bids for contractors have a troubling history of favoritism.   

In Utah, I have sponsored legislation to remove barriers to work, reducing occupational and professional licensing, and removing regulations on businesses that impede success.

Do you support President Trump’s re-election?

Yes! I support his re-election wholeheartedly! 



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