McAdams and Romney are dead wrong on impeachment

I strongly condemn votes to impeach President Trump by Representative Ben McAdams and Senator Mitt Romney. This is not an emotional or knee-jerk reaction. It is based on deep concern for the precedent that has been set and its effect on future presidents.

This was an attack on Donald J. Trump, to be sure, but it was much larger and more insidious than that. It was really an attack on us, the voters. It was an attack on our elections, to invalidate them and undermine public confidence. It was an attack on core principles of the Constitution, such as the Vesting Clause of Article 2. And most of all, it was an attack on the separation of powers, conceived by the Founders as a bedrock founding pillar of our Republic.

We know that Democrat progressive leftists have little use for our republic. They want to blow up the Electoral College and plow full steam ahead with the “tyranny of the majority,” certain that if they can hand enough goodies out to keep their permanent underclass in place, they are always sure to hold a simple majority.

Their passion for open borders is intended to devalue citizenship, to make it meaningless, and reduce it to just one more government permit. They know that open borders ensure a maintenance and expansion of that same permanent underclass that they believe will produce perpetual majority.

Even more heinous is their targeting of the separation of powers. Today’s Democrat party longs to be a Democrat *Socialist* party, so they can be “cool” like western Europe. We need to believe them when they say it. But to bring about a socialist democracy, a republican form of government sits in the way. If they can destroy the Separation of Powers, it is a short hop to a parliamentary system, where the tyranny of the majority can reach full bloom and the welfare state can at last triumph. This has long been their dream – now they have stopped pretending otherwise.

If you doubt me, check out this year’s crop of Democrat presidential hopefuls. Open borders? Check. Medicare for All? Check. Green New Deal? Well, you get the idea.

I believe the vote to impeach this President was a play for the long con – a step toward overturning our republican form of government, defined by separation of powers, to make Congress superior to the Executive once and for all. Once you paralyze and neuter the presidency, it’s a short trip to eliminating it altogether.

To see a U.S. Senator who claims to represent Utah take part in that effort is heartbreaking. Am I upset? Of course I am. But more than that, I am saddened. How could anyone claiming to hold “conservative” values and representing the good people of Utah join what will now be the “Permanent Impeachment Party” in a dangerous charade meant to invalidate an election, disenfranchise millions of voters, and overthrow a duly elected president?

Ben McAdams’s vote? That’s no surprise. He is exactly who many of us knew he was. Having seen him in action as County Mayor, I knew full well that he was deceiving 4th District voters, hiding his real beliefs and promising to “work across the aisle” to represent Utah. It was a lie, just like the Democrat impeachment articles were a lie. There is no surprise or satisfaction in seeing him finally exposed.

My condemnation of their impeachment votes reaches far beyond any mere affinity for a gruff, sometimes crude, dynamic real estate tycoon, “Donnie from the Bronx.” Despite his flaws, I support this president; I am awed by his achievements; I am blown away by his courage and resilience; there has been no other politician in my lifetime who says what he means and means what he says like this one. But it goes far beyond even Donald J. Trump.

Since President Trump took office, we have come to witness the power of our unelected, bureaucratic, permanent state actors, who have taken it upon themselves to first influence and then attempt to undo an election. The FBI, CIA, NSC, FISC – the alphabet soup of The Swamp – united to thwart the will of the American people.

My concerns are for the founding institutions of this country, the institutions that made us free and independent and kept us that way for nearly two and one-half centuries. I wonder whether we can survive as “One nation, under God” long enough to celebrate our third. Since 2016, my biggest shock and sadness has been that the other party has been so ready to “burn it all down” for the sake of political power, for societal control. They treat our institutions carelessly; they are feckless with our founding principles.

But the dark winter night was pierced by blinding light last evening as President Trump delivered the most stunning, optimistic, hopeful, visionary, and dynamic State of the Union speech of my lifetime. In case I had forgotten, he reminded me of why I am running for Congress, and why it matters so much.

After an incredible speech like that, it’s a shame the Democrats missed it, crowned by “Madam Speaker” tearing into shreds the OFFICIAL, ceremonial copy of the State of the Union address that was supposed to be placed – as all others have been – in the archives of the United States Congress! It was not hers to tear into pieces. It was our property, yours and mine, destined to be preserved for history. The act of tearing up that speech exposes once and for all Pelosi’s contempt for our institutions and her contempt for the people of the United States. So sad.

But that did not dim the glorious optimism and the rousing inspiration of the speech. I do not believe any president, at least in modern times, has had an equal record of “promises made, promises kept.” We are going to win this election. We are going to restore the 4th District to its rightful place on the right side of the aisle, where our traditions and institutions are honored, where we stand for the Pledge and the Anthem, where we believe that America is the greatest nation this world has known, and must ever be.

I’ll be honored to take up that challenge if my fellow Republicans choose to make me their nominee. Last night I could only think of how much this president has accomplished, and how much more we will accomplish together if we return a GOP majority to the House of Representatives. It starts here; it starts now. I am Kim Coleman, and I am running for Congress! I need your support.

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    • Matt Roblyer
      commented 2020-02-08 19:17:48 -0700
      You need to stop watching Fox News and actually educate yourself on the issues. What you have above is full of lies and half truths. Impeachment is in the constitution, how can it be ‘overthrowing’ the president. Also, there has been an election since 2016 where the people spoke to changes to the ruling party and Republicans were soundly defeated. All of this started by the President abusing his power for personal gain, and if you cannot see that, nor admit it when it is so blatant, should disqualify you from the ballot. This president has abused his power more than just Ukraine, the founding fathers (the conservatives used to admire) built in co-equal branches, not a singular executive. This is something Republicans chirped about for 8 years while Obama was president. So disappointing that you would post this. Ben McAdams is by no means perfect, but I will spend all of my effort having him re-elected to keep any republican out of this seat – unless there is a conservative that has the courage to stand up to one of the worst presidents in our history.
    • @kimfcoleman tweeted this page. 2020-02-06 21:18:18 -0700
      Ben McAdams and Mitt Romney are dead wrong on impeachment. Check out my latest blog post, and like and retweet if you agree. #utpol #utgop
    • Kim Coleman
      published this page in Latest News 2020-02-05 23:46:27 -0700