Kim Coleman’s Pledge to Utahns: Protecting Our Values


Conservative values are the critical component of America’s freedom, strength, and prosperity. For almost 250 years, these values have lifted our country and our world to new heights and been a beacon to the world.

Our values aren’t just our values – they’re our rights. And they’re under attack like they’ve never been before.

Advocates of the for-profit abortion industry have gone from saying the practice should be “safe, legal, and rare” to advocating after-birth abortion – which is murder, plain and simple. Meanwhile, extremist gun-control advocates are insisting on door-to-door gun confiscations and “Red Flag laws” which have resulted in the actual deaths of law-abiding citizens by law enforcement.

As a member of Congress, I will stand for both the rights of adults to protect themselves and the unborn incapable of protecting themselves.

Conservative values aren’t just under attack – the classical liberties of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, the presumption of innocence, and due process of law are under attack, sometimes by the very institutions that are supposed to protect those civil liberties. I have fought to protect these rights, sponsoring legislation to support them and resist the slow creep on our freedoms like police quotas and civil-asset forfeiture.

I have also fought for less government, more local control, and against every tax increase that came across my desk, including resisting pressure voting NO in the first place on the recent very unpopular tax reform.

The best line of defense we have is a conservative majority creating our laws.

But these values are not currently being represented in Washington the way they could be. Utah’s 4th Congressional District is the most conservative one in America currently represented by a Democrat.

Ben McAdams has a lot of people insisting that he’s a moderate – but the company he keeps and his voting record say otherwise.

So I ask for your vote in the June 30th Republican primary. Recognizing that times are difficult, I likewise ask for your financial support. So far I have raised over $400,000 from 4,000 individual donors – breaking every record for a non-incumbent candidate in our district.

If you would like to  join our team, I would be honored to have you with us. Thank you for your time, and please join me in helping us protect our values from the all-out assault by the media and the Democrat Party of Ben McAdams.  

- Kim Coleman


Follow Coleman on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Volunteer and, if possible, donate, to help send Kim to Congress. Press inquiries may be sent to








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