Kim Coleman Concedes in Utah’s 4th Congressional District, Endorses Burgess Owens in the Race Against Ben McAdams

West Jordan, UT – With enough votes now in to decisively know the outcome of the race, Kim Coleman has conceded the 2020 Republican primary in Utah’s 4th Congressional District to Burgess Owens.

Coleman said:

“I congratulate Burgess on his victory. All along, the No. 1 goal for all of us has been firing Ben McAdams, who misrepresents himself as a moderate while consistently supporting Nancy Pelosi and her far-left, ‘progressive’ agenda. The plurality of residents in CD4 believe Burgess Owens is the one to beat McAdams, and I now join my voice with theirs.

“I could not be more proud of my staff and hundreds of volunteers who worked their hearts out over the past months. I am also grateful for the thousands of donors to my campaign. If enthusiasm and energy were sufficient, we’d have won easily last night. As it is, 4th District voters made a different decision and it is one we will support moving forward.

"Running for Congress is something that I thought I would never do. What a privilege it is to live in a country where everyday citizens have the chance to step forward and make a difference in their communities. Obviously, last night’s outcome was not what we hoped, but that does not take away from the drive and accomplishment of our campaign.

“We believe that in nominating Burgess, Republican voters seek a repudiation of the recent widespread riots and violence under the deceptive label of ‘peaceful protests.’ Voters in Utah know we need to push back against the assault on American history and values by the now openly violent elements of Black Lives Matter and Antifa – and our voters decided Burgess is the one to carry that ball down the field.

“God bless him on this mission, and God bless America.”

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