Kim Coleman: Champion of the Second Amendment

Earlier today, I had the privilege of speaking at a pro-Second Amendment rally at the Utah Capitol. I am a strong and outspoken proponent of our right to bear arms and defend ourselves.

You won't find a stronger record of supporting the Second Amendment than mine. As a state legislator, I have always voted in favor of gun rights, even as special interest groups have exerted pressure to take away those rights. I will do the same as your member of Congress because I know and understand that the Second Amendment is essential to guaranteeing the protection of all other fundamental rights that are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

The Second Amendment is an individual right, contrary to what its detractors argue. That's why I support Constitutional Carry, and it's why I oppose a registry for lawful possession of firearms. A vote for me is a vote to protect your right to self-defense.

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