Important Issues

There are many important issues facing us in Utah, and across the Nation.  My position on some of the most foundational issues are listed here, but these are by no means the only issues I am focused on.  Please sign up for updates so I can keep you informed when we post new issues and articles that might be of interest to you.

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Our nation was founded on free market principles. Capitalism has done more to lift people from poverty than any other single factor. Markets work best when free from over-regulation, crony capitalism and excessive barriers to entry and exchange. Utah has long been ranked #1 for best tax policies. The nation would similarty benefit from tax policy that is fair, transparent and offers a low tax rate on a broad base.
As a state legislator, I have worked to combat the denial of student speech and due process rights on college campuses. I have advocated for legislation and litigation to protect our freedom of association, and strengthen religious liberty. The erosion of our First Amendment rights can have far reaching, generational impacts for our whole society.
I am pro Life. I support requirements for practitioners to give women full information before providing any type of medical procedure. I support humane care of an infant who survives an abortion. I support pain management for a fetus who can feel pain. I supported legislation proh1bitng abortion after 18 weeks, with limited exceptions. I oppose medical practitioners performing procedures on children without parental knowledge or consent.
I am a strong and outspoken proponent of the right to bear arms. I support Constitutional Carry, and I oppose a registry for lawful possession of firearms.
Our first priority must be to end the policies and practices in our broken system that invite monsters to harm and exploit children and women traveling to our borders. National security is a primary obligation of our federal government, and most countries enforce border security and travel of non-citizens.
The “administrative state” has grown beyond anything imagined by our Founders, and Congress has abdicated too much of its legislative function to the executive branch. All government should be as small and least intrusive in our lives as possible with the federal government being limited to its constitutionally enumerated powers. States should jealously safeguard their sovereignty.
America has the most advanced healthcare in the world, and what isn’t perfect can best be improved by free market and private sector solutions - not through government intervention, manipulation and control. Socialized medicine is not the answer.
I have sponsored legislation to remove barriers to work, reducing occupational and professional licensing, and removing regulations on businesses that impede success.
I’ve long been a proponent of school choice, having founded and created a charter school. I’ve fought to keep funding decisions local and passed legislation to disrupt the traditional one-size-fits-all education model. Statewide testing has not improved public education outcomes and are not always reliable and valid to demonstrate student performance or teacher quality. While there should be accountability for public investment and metrics for parents to choose schools, state standardized testing has not proven to be the best tool for either.
I support veterans having access to medical care in and out of the VA system. No veteran who has sacrificed so much for our country should ever come home and be forgotten. It is our duty as Americans to make sure our veterans have access to the best medical care and support possible.
Almost 70% of our land is federally controlled. This limits the ability of the state to generate revenue. It also creates extreme fire risk, disrupts natural water cycles in an already arid state, and contributes to poor air quality days.
Some policy makers are seeking “tax reform” to capture new revenues without examining the expenditure side of the ledger. Recent tax proposals have been a threat to a stable economy and would impose a net increase in taxes on most people.
Parts of the state are experiencing high growth and growth projections, and there are many who are in a crisis-mode to build unsustainable, community destroying, high government investment housing and infrastructure, ignoring history and common sense. Efforts to socially engineer people and manipulate markets in the name of helping people simply do not work. To fix some of these issues we must allow more federal land to be divested to the state.