Economy, Regulations, and Jobs

“The chief business of the American people is business.”

Pres. Calvin Coolidge


Free-market principles were the core foundation upon which our nation was founded, and the world has never been the same since. For the vast majority of human history, the fastest anyone had traveled was by horse. Less than 200 years after its creation, America had put men on the moon. Imagine what we can do with the next 200 years if the government stays in its lane, and lets private industry continue to work its magic.

Despite the efforts of many to discredit it, capitalism has – irrefutably – lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system in history. Markets work best when free from over-regulation, crony capitalism, and excessive barriers to entry and exchange. Because of its conservative leadership, the great state of Utah has long been ranked #1 for its tax policies, economy, and regulatory environment.

Taxes across the entire country should seek to emulate Utah’s: fair, transparent, and low.

As a state legislator, I’m proud of the part I’ve played in helping move that success story forward. I have sponsored legislation to remove barriers to work, to reduce occupational and professional licensing, and to remove regulations on businesses that impede their success. Utah is a national jobs leader in large part because of these same ideas. It is well past time to get our federal government’s boot off of the neck of our job creators and innovators so they can continue to grow and thrive.

As a member of Congress, I will support policies that allow entrepreneurs to chase their dreams, people to keep more of their money, and small businesses to thrive. Conservative economic principles are essential for pulling America out of the COVID recession.
Remembering the great conservative legacy of Teddy Roosevelt, I will likewise be cognizant of the danger that monopolies – particularly coming out of Silicon Valley – pose to the consumer and the greater good.

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