The Deseret News praises Kim Coleman's homelessness legislation

The Deseret News editorial board published an opinion piece praising HB394, the legislation I am sponsoring to establish a point person who will help better coordinate efforts to address homelessness in Utah. This point person will prioritize the funding of programs and providers that have a documented history of successfully transitioning homeless individuals into becoming self-reliant.

Here are the first three paragraph's of the Deseret News editorial board's op-ed:

Utah needs someone in charge of helping homeless people back into society. Whether you call that person a czar, a director or, as a lawmaker facetiously suggested this week, a high priestess, matters little. Someone needs to be accountable and responsible for directing funds, collecting data and focusing on a vision for this important work.

Governing by committee won’t provide this.

Fortunately, Utah lawmakers took the first step toward this on Thursday, as the House Government Operations Committee passed HB394, sponsored by Rep. Kim Coleman, R-West Jordan.

The rest of the Deseret News op-ed is available by clicking here.

If you agree that better coordination and encouraging self-reliance are key components to addressing homelessness, then contact your legislators and ask them to support this important legislation!

(Photo credit: Deseret News)

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