Confirmed: Kim Is the One Democrats Are Scared to Face

Many have been saying all along that Kim is the candidate Democrats are terrified to face in November. And now they’ve admitted it. 

Last week, the far-left newspaper Salt Lake Tribune (4/25/20) published a piece of propaganda urging Democrats to switch their party affiliation so they can sabotage our Republican primary. The article reads:

“Even if you are a Democrat who plans to vote for your party’s candidate in November, you can temporarily switch parties to vote... The process takes less than five minutes.”

Monday, Campaign Chatter Utah (4/27/20) rightly assessed the outcome of this kind of diabolical Democrat trickery. “[Kim] Coleman appears to face the greatest threat should large numbers of Democrats vote in the Republican primary.”

Over the weekend, Kim easily came out of the state GOP convention as the front runner. She won every round and finished with 54 percent of the vote. The Democrats and their far-left media allies know to keep the seat blue, they need to sabotage her. With her out of the way, they can seize the 4th district from its conservative majority a second time.

Please don’t let that happen! Support the conservative candidate in the June primary, and help us keep Utah red!


Follow Coleman on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you can, please donate to Kim for Utah here.


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