Coleman named an NRCC Young Gun with Historical Fundraising Numbers

January 24, 2020


The NRCC Names Kim Coleman to the Young Guns Program as the Kim for Utah Campaign Announces Historic Fundraising Totals


West Jordan, UT – The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced today that Kim Coleman had been added to the Young Guns program after qualifying last year. According to the NRCC, “The program mentors and supports candidates in races across the country and works to provide them with the necessary tools to run successful, winning campaigns against their Democratic opponents.” Coleman met the qualifying fundraising standard last summer after only six weeks of fundraising, and the NRCC approved her status as a Young Gun early last fall. 



An historic comparison of Utah Congressional races shows that the Kim for Utah campaign appears to have outpaced all previous first-time Republican House candidates’ fundraising by this same point in the election cycle over the past 20 years. For example, with an end-of-year fundraising total of over $220,000, Coleman has raised more than six times what Mia Love had raised and around ten times what Chris Stewart had raised at this point when they both first ran in 2012.

In a statement, the NRCC said the following about Kim:

Nationally, Kim is known for her legislation ensuring campus free speech and due process protections, which led to her being appointed Chair of the National Center to Protect Free Speech. One of her recent bills was touted as the “Water Bill of the Century” and involved dozens of stakeholders and hundreds of man-hours in a complex, year-long negotiation that helped resolve a decades-old problem of water insecurity in her arid state. She has demonstrated both the ability to stand firm on principle and to collaborate and compromise when that is the best solution, while never wavering on principle.

The NRCC’s full statement of support is available at

Kim Coleman released the following statement in response to being named to the Young Guns program and to her historic fundraising totals:

The NRCC’s recognition of the Kim for Utah campaign’s organization and fundraising achievements is only the beginning. My values and beliefs, along with the majority of my friends and neighbors in the 4th district, are not being represented in Congress. My fellow residents of the district and I want to see real change in the dysfunction that Ben McAdams is perpetuating back in Washington, and that’s why we are seeing such strong volunteer support and financial backing at this stage. More than any other candidate, my historic fundraising totals and donations from over 400 individuals demonstrates an ability to put together a campaign capable of winning in November.


Press inquiries may be sent to Casey Voeks, the Kim for Utah campaign manager, at 801-837-3548 or

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