Before Ballots Land This Week

This week ballots will go out. I am the best candidate for Utah’s 4th Congressional District because I can win this seat. I won the majority of votes in our party convention, I’ve won three other elections and I ask for your vote in this primary. Here’s what people tell me they want to know: “How do we know that you’re a real conservative?” and “Can you win in November?”

The answer to both is yes.

Of everyone in this race who says they’re conservative, I’m the only one with a steady, proven record of constitutional, conservative votes when it counts. For six years, I’ve stood my ground as one of the most reliably conservative members of the Utah Legislature, even when the pressure was on to bend.

To the second question, my candidacy has received an outpouring of endorsements, both nationally – like the NRA and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) – and locally – like Dr. Mike Kennedy. Rather than endorsements from the “announcers in the booth,” I have earned endorsements from the “players in the game.”

Our campaign has raised nearly $500,000 so far in this contested primary. That shows that we will be able to compete with Ben McAdam’s enormous liberal war chest when the time comes.

Those who say it is time to “compromise” and “reach across the aisle” are simply not paying close attention. Certainly, it is our desire to work with the other side, but not while they are conducting an all-out assault on “Our Values, our Home, our America” as they are right now. At times like these, we need proven conservative leaders who we know won’t change their principles when things get tough.

The stakes are high – the next majority may hinge on Utah CD 4. This is no time to vote and hope – when you can vote for someone with a record that lets you know for sure.

Your ballots are arriving this week and the last day to vote is June 30. We need your support of time or resources. I ask for your vote to be the Republican nominee here in CD4.


Kim Coleman

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