America Doesn't Govern by Coup, We Honor Elections!

How dare they? How dare they conspire to overthrow a duly elected President on false pretenses, on contrived charges, most of which sprung from their own permanent, unelected administrative state as embodied in the State Department? In describing the partisan vote to support the Impeachment Inquiry, Rep. Doug Collins stated, “A dark cloud has fallen on this House. This resolution isn’t about transparency; it’s about control.  It’s not about fairness; it’s about winning. It’s not about finding the facts; it’s about stacking the deck against a president they hate.”

You don’t like Trump? Fine, don’t like him. You don’t like the phone call? Fine, don’t like it. Bring your objections to the ballot box in November 2020. We don’t resort to political Coup d'état in this country over policy disagreements or our personal distaste for a leadership style. One of only two democratic No votes came from Congressman VanDrew who warned “without bipartisan support I believe this inquiry will further divide the country, tearing it apart at the seams and will ultimately fail in the senate.”  That is an honest Democrat.

The American People and all of US in Congressional District 4 understand Fairness vs. Unfair. And we wish and hope for--no--we demand fairness. Ben McAdams doesn't live in our district, but he PROMISED US, the residents of CD4, that he could come from outside of our district, from the other side of the county, and represent US in Congress.

He didn't do that today.  Today he voted with THEM to condone and codify a fake and unfair process to try to remove our duly elected president from US. How is this "reaching across the aisle?" When Ben voted to support the only presidential impeachment inquiry in modern history authorized by members of only one party, he took THEIR side against US.

I can tell you this – if I were in Congress, when I AM in congress, it would not matter to me who was the president, it would not matter to me which party that president was from – I would protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the voters who chose that president under that Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign or domestic--because THAT is the American way. I don’t care if it was Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama – I wouldn’t care if that president was Hillary Clinton – I would stand up and speak out as loud as I could against ANY secret, illegitimate process meant to subvert our Constitution and destroy our democratic republic. It would not matter whether I "liked" that president.  Absent clear proof of high crimes, I would never "hold the coats" for treacherous interests.  

As Newt Gingrich said, “Every House Democrat must be made to bear the burden of supporting this kangaroo court ‘partisan clown show.’”

We need to remember this, Republicans are saying that if you are going to do it, it must be done in the open light of day. You don't do this in a basement bunker, free from scrutiny or opposition. You want to make your case to remove the president? Fine. The American People are the judges, not YOU. You bring it to US to make that decision, and you do it from the get-go.

The Democrats just passed "The Fake Impeachment and Kangaroo Court Authorization Act of 2019" to cover their tracks- their anti-democratic, anti-constitutional tracks. 

WE know people’s rights begin from the minute they are accused, through the WHOLE  investigation. WE ALL know that any process has to be fair. This "act" doubles down on secrecy and unilateral government. WE will never trust the outcome, WE will never trust the Democrats to protect and respect the rights of the accused. Ben McAdams today voted to further DESTROY that trust.
This is truly a dark day in the US Congress and for America.  We are better than this.  If we don’t like the president, THERE IS AN ELECTION IN ONE YEAR.  We vote. We don't take the coward's way out. We fight for what we believe in out in the open, in the bright light of day. We settle our differences in elections, free and fair.


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