Kim and Utah County Clerk Gardner Shred Democrats, McAdams on Bogus "For the People" Vote

On Monday, Kim was fortunate enough to host Utah County Clerk Amelia Power Gardner for a live discussion online. They focused particular attention on the Democrats' 2019 "For the People" bill (HR1). The bill has been widely criticized as an abuse of power, called an "unconstitutional, authoritarian power grab," and even denounced by the ACLU

Clerk Gardner, whose office has spearheaded some of the most effective election management in the country, had some choice words "For the People" corrupt enough to vote for this legislation -- including our own Ben McAdams. 

With Amelia Powers Gardner at UBR

Kim and Amelia share a moment with a future Republican voter at the May 2 Utah Business Revival event in Vineyard, Utah. 

The three items that Kim and Amelia focus in on are: 

  • Letting 16-year-olds vote
  • Federalizing elections
  • Stealing taxpayer money to fund campaigns

ALL of which Democrat Ben McAdams voted to support. While the full video is here, this excerpt highlights the problems with HR1: 



Another oft-touted way Democrats interfere with election security is insisting that voter ID -- which every other democracy in the world requires -- is oppressive and (of course) racist. Amelia effortlessly destroys this sham argument. 



Enough is enough! Upgrade your congressman this November and send Kim Coleman to Washington to save democracy from Democrats! 

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